Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quiz Master Raspberry Pi version now working

I copied the Windows code on to my Raspberry Pi last night and it worked perfecty if run from IDLE. But, if I ran it from either a terminal window or double clicked on the icon it failed.

There were 2 problems.

First was that IDLE on Windows put a ^M at the end of every line so the shebang statement on the first line was failing.
To fix this I copied it all into vi and saved it out. This stripped put all the ^M things.  I must admit I didn't expect this from IDLE.
Then after some more searching  and trial and error I eventually figured out that the directory for the program is not set to where the program is run from so when I try to open the players.txt file it fails and dumps me out.

Using os.getcwd() I can find out which folder the program was run from and set it to the path for players.txt and the sound files.

I revised the code and attached a new pack to the forum that now works on the Raspberry Pi.

Make sure to chmod +the .py to make it executable.

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