Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Attended 3rd Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam

The 3rd Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam was on Sunday and I really enjoyed it.
It was held at the National Museum of Computer in Bletchley Park.

There were about 30 people there showing off different Raspberry Pi projects.
I cobbled together a Raspberry Pi running as a web server controlling an Arduino over Ethernet.
The bits weren't even set up when I started to get questions about what it was and how it worked.
It was fun discussion the bits that worked and also some ideas for enhancements.

Peter Onion did a tuition on soldering.  It was great to get some pointers on how to solder properly. Up until now I've stuck with breadboarding most of my projects, but the plan is to start at least moving to strip boards.

The next Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam is on the 25th of November and fingers crossed I'll get back for another entertaining morning.