Monday, November 3, 2014

Preparing for 2015 after school computer club

Over the past 2 years I have done a Code Club at my kids school using Scratch and last year included a bit of Arduino. Now in the UK computing is part of the school curriculum so the Code Club learning is now done in school time meaning there is not need for it to be done after school.
With this in mind for 2015 I've decided to ramp up the difficulty and go Arduino all the way with a robot course.

This time limited to 10 kids working in pairs as the complexity is higher and the projects will most likely be done over multiple weeks.

This will give the ability to build everything from a pre-programmed robot to a line following robot or an object avoidance robot. Also included an infrared sensor and remote so the kids can make a remote control robot.

All going well the kids will also be able to decorate their robots with unique bodies to make them more exciting.

In addition to the parts below I also have 36 rechargeable AA batteries for the club.

I'm looking forward to January already.

Below are the list of parts I plans to have for the 8-9 week club. 5 kits

ItemeBay LinkPriceQTYTotal
Robot Deck£7.485£37.40
DC Motor H-Bridge£1.555£7.75
Arduino Nano compatible£2.895£14.45
5 x Breadboard 400 tie£9.491£9.49
Line following sensor£1.195£5.95
10 x Ultra Sonic sensor£8.991£8.99
Infrared sensor + Remote£1.355£6.75
Wires M-M£1.991£1.99
Wires M-F£1.991£1.99
Wires F-F£2.241£2.24
Keypad 4x4£0.995£4.95