Friday, February 15, 2013

Quiz Master Lockout follow up

27-DEC-2019 Updated to change link to code from Dropbox to Git Hub. 

Following yesterdays post about the Quiz Master code I have been doing a bit of tweaking and enhancing. GitHub link to ZIP file

Enhancements in this version.
1. Number of players, their names and sound played when they press their button is taken from a text file (example included)
2. Quiz master can go into lockout mode at any time by pressing return. An X appears top right to show in lockout mode
3. Text at the top of the screen is now taken from the text file - so it can be personalised
4. Now runs full screen ( ran in a window to take the screen shot below)

screen shot

This version is reading keyboard presses. You can buy a USB keyboard on ebay for about £5 and with the aid of some buttons and soldering you can attach the buttons to the keys as defined in your file. Still leaving you with the full keyboard. As mentioned before I see this as the easier option than looking to use GPIO inputs when run from a Raspberry Pi.
These buttons from ebay look perfect.

So, for about £40 (+ cost of connecting wires and housing) you would have a quiz master set up.

NOTE: I would never describe myself as a Python programmer. The code is done in the true hacker sense in that I figured it out as I went along. It all works with the testing I have done but be aware your mileage may be different.


  1. I´m interested in download the code (7 years, i now…). Unfortunately, it is not available. Could you fix it? Thanks a lot!!


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