Saturday, January 5, 2013

Egham/Staines Raspberry Jam 20th Jan 2013

Back in October I started the process of hosting a Raspberry Jam at my employers office in January.
It took nearly 2 months to get it sorted but we got there and on the 20th of December I announced the first Raspberry Jam at the Gartner offices in Egham on the 20th of January 2013.

In case you're unaware a Raspberry Jam is an event for people interested in the Raspberry Pi computer. An opportunity to meet like minded people and hopefully get inspired or connect with people who are looking to achieve the same or similar goals to yourself.

I attended a couple at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes in October and November and was even more convinced that Raspberry Jams were a great idea and well worth organising.

Well, with 2 weeks to go there are only 3 tickets let of the 50 allocated on Eventbrite.

There 2 confirmed presentation, including the amazing near space live images project Pi in the Sky.

Based on the demand so far I'm hoping for a full house and if this one goes well I will work to get it set up so we can have Raspberry Jams regularly at the Gartner offices.

A big thank you to Alan O'Donohoe  @teknoteacher for getting the ball rolling with the Raspberry Jams and also for talking to me about what is involved in preparing a successful Jam.

Here's looking forward to the 20th of January and a successful Raspberry Jam.

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