Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Scratch 2.0 using Chromium on Raspberry Pi 3

Playing with Scratch and thought now that Chromium is the default browser in Raspbian Pixel whether the web based Scratch would work.

So, I went to and picked a project to load. Up came the usual jigsaw piece saying a plug in was missing.  Right clicked to enable the plug in and nothing happened.  Oh, well nothing has changed.  We still have NuScratch installed on the Pi.

Before shutting down I did an update/upgrade, just to keep the machine up to date.
A whole bunch of updates for LibreOffice and NuScratch were downloaded as well as an update to Chromium.  Nothing looked too interested.

Then a strange thing happened.  Half way through the upgrade a screen appears asking me to confirm installing the Flash plugin.  I accepted and let the upgrade take it's course.

Intrigued by this I went back to the Scratch website and selected the project again.
Again, the jigsaw piece appeared.
Again, I selected to enable the plugin.
Except this time the outcome was different.  The panel went white and the familiar Scratch loading bar appeared.  It was working and working well.

See the video below.

Mike Horne did a post on his website  this and Simon Long who does Raspbian and specifically Pixel 

Looks like Chromium had an update on the 11th and by chance I did an update to my machine soon after the release.  From Simon's post this needs ARMv7 so  only works on Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. Not an option for older Raspberry Pi or the PiZero.

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