Sunday, May 1, 2016

Minecraft running over RealVNC from Raspberry Pi 3

Back at the PiParty in March RealVNC showed Minecraft running over VNC.  This doesn't seem like much of an achievement until you realise that Minecraft doesn't use X. It writes directly to the framebuffer, so for normal VNC Minecraft just comes up as black window.

I posted a short video from the party.  They had multiple sessions running on the one display.

Last wee RealVNC released the public Alpha of the new RealVNC server that enable Minecraft to run over VNC.

I got a chance to install it today on a Pi3 and connect froma fairly low power laptop that cost £110.
Acer ES1-131 Celeron N3050 1.6GHz with 2GB RAM running Windows 10.

Firt run it went well, a little bit laggy (not sure if that's a real word).  I assumed it was because running over wifi.
Then I read the raspi-preview page again and noted there are a few optimisations available.

With the optimisation completed it ran really well.  Below is a short (sliglty out of focus) video of it running.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing the finals release of RealVNC.

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