Thursday, October 8, 2015

9th Egham Jam – Show and Tell Competition – Prizes donated by RasP.IO

With the Egham Jam on this Sunday ( it's lovely to be see the prizes are still coming in.

This time from RasP,IO who product a number of really useful and practical accessories for the Raspberry Pi.

RasP.IO Breakout / 40 pin portsplus2/26 pin ports

The Ports boards are 26 and 40 pin versions so perfect fit for both types of Raspberry Pi.

The Breakout gives you easier access to the GPIO pins and allows you to use male/male jumper wires just like Arduino, so ideal if you're like me and have a load of these already and very few male/female jumper wires. It also gives the same labeling as per the original RasP.IO ports boards. The current model available is the 26 pin version which will fit on the 40 pin B+/2.

In addition RasP.IO ran a Kickstarter for their gpioruler for the B+/2 40 pin Raspberry Pi. I supported the 4 ruler pledge and will be providing one for each prize pack.

GPIO Ruler

+Alex Eames the man behind RasP.IO has also done some fantastic videos on the Raspberry Pi that you see at

Here's looking forward to a fantastic event.
See previous posts for other prizes for Sunday.

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