Thursday, August 13, 2015

9th Egham Jam – Show and Tell Competition – Prizes donated by Cyntech

Wow!  I’m stunned. Cyntech are amazing.

For the Egham Raspberry Jam on the 11th of October there will be a Show and Tell Competition with all prizes donated and the Cyntech prizes arrived today.

Cyntech have been supporting the Raspberry Pi since the start and are a great place to get your accessories and kits. They are an Adafruit dealer in the UK and also do a full range of parts for making your own projects.  A lot of the products on their website also include details on how to use them.

Cyntech sent a pair of Deluxe Snap Rovers.  Once for each competition category.

These beauties sell for about £80.00 each and are a great introduction to electronics, and robotics.  The circuits just snap together making them really easy to build and adapt.  The kit comes with all the parts and a guide showing how to make a whole range of different circuits.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t shoot lasers, but has the second best thing. It shoots foam discs!

Also, looking at the construction once the guides provided are completed this thing really looks like it could be seriously upgraded with a Raspberry Pi , a PiCamera  and some more LEDs

These kits are far beyond what I had expected and in addition to the already announced Raspberry Pi Official cases signed by Eben Upton the Show and Tell Competition is looking like one well worth winning.

If you have registered already for the Event and haven’t started building there is loads of time. If you’ve not registered then guess what over half the tickets are already gone with 2 months to go.

Registration and more details on the Eventbrite Page:

Looking forward to seeing all the amazing projects being shown and also seeing these fantastic rovers being built, used and hacked.

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