Monday, April 13, 2015

List of online resources to assist in learning to code

The final session of the robot club at my kids school was Easter break and I promised them a handout detailing resources that are free they can use to continue to learn to code.  The kids were aged 10-12 and most were very new to coding so wanted to give a range of resources.  
They've spend the last term building small robots with an Arduino as the main controller so included Arduino as well as general programming resources.

As per the sheet a great combination for new people starting out if they don't have any hardware is the Earthshine Electronics guide and the AtuoDesk 123D Circuits online electronics and Arduino emulator.  The guide gives 14 projects of varying degrees of complexity from an electronics and programming standpoint and the AutoDesk 123D Circuits gives you a free resource to do your coding. The electronics pieces is done on a breadboard and is very visual. Reminds me of Fritzing.

If you'd prefer not to download the handout here is the list of links


BBC Dr. Who programming game -

Books and Reading Material

Invent with Python -

Earthshine Electronics – Arduino Starter Kit Manual -

YouTube Channels

Jeremy Blum, Tutorial Series for Arduino -

Kevin Durrah -

The New Boston -

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