Thursday, March 19, 2015

Robot Club (I can't remember which one this is)

It's coming to an end.
We did the penultimate robot club session this week.
Seven from ten made it this week. I believe one decided it wasn't for them while two others had other things on.

This week we got the 4 teams robots all working and also turning when they came near to the walls. A couple of teams really got it and were adapting their code to make their robots do interesting things when it was near the wall.  While the other 2 needed to back over the concept of variables and conditional statements.

For the teams that were racing ahead they spend time working on putting a body on their robots.  I spoke to the ICT Co-ordinator and they were going to arrange for the kids to have assembly time to do the body and make their robots unique.  Looking forward to seeing what the the robots look like on Monday.

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