Monday, January 26, 2015

Egham Raspberry Jam - 25th of January

What a day. More than double the attendees. More than double the stands, more teachers and kids attending.  More fun and learning than ever before.

When the Egham Jam was announced back in December I thought we would do better than the last Jam (46 registrations) but was blown away by the response.
Maybe a lot of new Raspberry Pis were sold at Christmas.
We were not only 'SOLD OUT' but also had more people who wanted to attend as well as people who register who advised me they couldn't make it so their tickets were released.

In the end 90 attended, more than double the October event and a record for the Egham Jam.

I was also really delighted the number of educators who attended looking for ways to integrate the Raspberry Pi into their schools Computing work.

There were at least 12 show and tell standard, some of them had multiple displays making for a very interesting day.  Also, very delighted that on a number of stands children were leading the show and tells. Giving great demonstrations on what they have build.

I tried to meet everybody who attended as possible and got the chance to connect teachers and people with specific needs with others who I know from previous Jams demoed a similar project.

Below are some pictures from the event.  Lots of fun.  Roll on the next Egham Raspberry Jam.

Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace were out in force

Scrolling messages

Pirates and MiWars winner

Raspberry Pi Development solution in a box

Robots are go.  Controlled over Wifi

Kodi set up being demoed by a young engineer

PiTrol - build it yourself controller

Remote arm controlled in Python


Seven Segment of Pi display

Getting the Wifi network set up to demo Airplay

Minecraft and RetroPie


Robot arm controlled from Scratch

Seven Segments of Pi. It's a big one.

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