Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just received a W5100 Ethershield

Look what just arrived in the post.
Christmas last I got a ENC28J60 Ethernet socket and I've been playing with that a bit thinking that doing Ethernet with Arduino is just plain hard.
A few people recommended I get a W5100 based board so I could use the official Ethernet library.  When I had a look at the difference between the code it was clear the W5100 based boards are so much easier to code for as the library is more robust and easier to use.
So, I bought one on Ebay from China for about £7.50-inc postage so a big difference to the £30 for the official shield.  The ENC28J60 boards are still cheaper at about £5.00 but the difference is so small now that I have a felling the W5100 boards are now a good low cost option.

Now I have to modify my web server controlled Arduino code tonight to work with the shield.  All the fun.

NOTE: Image links to UK Ebay listing I used.  Delivered in about 3 weeks.  Packed in a Jiffy Bag.  

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